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Hollywood scriptwriters look for new villain countries after USA becomes friends with Iran and Cuba

13, May 2015 By manithan

Los Angeles. Hollywood scriptwriters are reportedly miffed over the foreign policy U-Turns of Obama vis-a-vis Iran and Cuba. There are signals that Hollywood is facing a potential 20 million USD loss because of the disastrous foreign policy of USA.

Speaking to Faking News, Hollywood scriptwriter guild Chairman, Robert, said, “For a movie to have a hero, we need to have a villain. More stronger and cunning the villain is, more thrilling and exciting the movie will be. All these years, when we used to write scripts for movies, we had a plethora of countries which we can choose to show in negative shade. Our rulers gave us thumbs up when we showed Russians, North Koreans, Arabs, Iranians and Cubans as villains. Our job was pretty much easy then. But now….”

Due to change in foreign policy of USA, our Indian actors will be featuring more in Hollywood, as villains.
Due to change in foreign policy of USA, our Indian actors will be featuring more in Hollywood, as villains.

He tried to suppress his tears and continued, “Now, we will have to downsize our villains. We have to lay off Cubans and Iranians from our list of antagonists. Because, Obama have become friends with Cuba and Iran. Also, our oil provider Arabs cannot be shown as villains too. Yesterday, we received an informal communication from Dept of State that we should show Cubans and Iranians in good light henceforth. We have to shelve the 250 scripts that were written with our enmity with these two nations in mind. We are losing around 20 million USD, the amount we had paid to our writers.”

Wiping his eyes, he continued, “The rate at which Obama is befriending our enemy countries, we would have to look for countries to replace the left ones from our Enemy list. My biggest worry is, what if Obama makes aliens as friends too? Also, there were rumors that our Govt has sanctioned India to be added to villains list. If we fail to comply, we will be told to write scripts for our foreign ops. I think that is more worse a job than this. “