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Hollywood visual experts were roped in for Panipat to put expressions on Arjun Kapoor's face: Ashutosh Gowariker

06, Nov 2019 By @jurnoleast

Panipat, a historical war movie by Ashutosh Gowariker, got some much deserved praise on social media after its trailer was released yesterday. Apart from the slick graphics showing grandiose scenes of Maratha empire, viewers marveled at Arjun Kapoor’s expression in the movie. Though some were of the opinion that it could have been better, the majority felt that it was still a notch higher than the actors previous movies.

arjun kappor

I a freewheeling chat with Faking News, Panipat Director Ashutosh Gowariker admitted that getting Arjun to emote was the biggest challenge he faced while shooting the movie. “We got visual experts from Hollywood to put expressions on Arjun’s face. These experts have previously worked on projects like the Avengers franchise. But even they admitted that it was a challenge for them,” Gowariker admitted.

“A major chunk of the budget was allocated for the visual effects. Since the movie is a war drama, the battle scenes had to look authentic. Around 70% of the budget was spent on the expressions and hopefully audience will appreciate it when they see it on the big screen,” he added.

When questioned if they also worked on making Arjun looked slimmer in the movie, the Director denied having any knowledge of it.

Not entirely ready to give credit to the visual editors, Arjun said that he has always worked on getting his acting right. “I was sporting a beard in my earlier movies, which hid my expression. For Panipat I shaved it off, which is why you can see how great my acting is,” the actor revealed.

Trade analysts say that period drama could benefit from Arjun’s expression and it could be a factor drawing crowds to the theater.