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Honey Singh ke gaano pe naachna shuru karo, kripa aani shuru ho jayegi: Nirmal Baba to Radhe Maa

10, Aug 2015 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: Even as self-styled God-woman Radhe Maa is grappling with the persistent hounding by media and the cops, another self-styled God-man, Nirmal Baba has offered advice to Radhe Maa to tide over the crisis. Apparently, Nirmal Baba has asked Radhe Maa to dance on songs of Honey Singh to start getting blessings from the almighty.

Nirmal Baba has advice for Radhe Maa too.
Nirmal Baba has advice for Radhe Maa too.

Radhe Maa, who is said to be like a mother-figure for her followers and her divine intervention has been sought by many including Bollywood celebrities is now weighing all her options to evade arrest.

If sources are to be believed, Nirmal Baba has offered advice on how to get out of legal issues that she has got entangled in.

Speaking to our reporter Nirmal Baba said, “Some supporters of Radhe Maa had come to me seeking help. Although, she is a competitor, I thought since we are in the same business it would be wise ‘agar hum sab mil baatkar khaye’. Isliye maine unko salah di ki who purane bollywood gaano pe naachne ke bajaye, aadhunik Honey Singh ke gaano pe naache toh kripa aani shuru ho jaayegi.”

After Nirmal Baba’s comments were beamed across news channels, a war of words broke out between supporters of Nirmal Baba and Radhe Maa. A supporter of Radhe Maa said, “Who is Nirmal Baba to advise Radhe Maa? All he does is sit on his throne all day and dole out stupid answers to people’s problems. He is taking advantage of people’s fears and insecurities. At least Radhe Maa sings and dances and makes her followers happy.”

“My dancing skills have improved considerably since I started attending Radhe Maa’s satsangs. I was also one of the finalists in the previous season of Dance India Dance,” he added.

Bollywood singer Yo Yo Honey Singh, who has been out of action lately said that he was seriously considering Radhe Maa for his next video. “I have seen her dance on news channels and I am already in talks with her for my next song,” he said.

Radhe Maa may have provided solutions to her beleaguered followers, but with her own problems mounting by the day, it will be interesting to see how she will get herself out of this quandary. Our request for an interview with the godwoman was met with a refusal. “Radhe Maa busy hai. Shaam ko unka pravachan hai, isliye abhi se make up aur dance ki tayari kar rahi hai,” said a supporter.