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How Bollywood could have helped Brazil beat Germany in World Cup

09, Jul 2014 By @jurnoleast

Brazil lost to Germany badly in the FIFA World Cup semi-final, and most people agree that presence of Neymar could have made a difference. Alas, Neymar was injured and medical science couldn’t help him.

However, Bollywood could have helped. Here are two solutions that could have worked:

The body double

Bollywood uses lookalikes or body doubles to achieve something that otherwise looks pretty difficult. So if Neymar was unfit, Bollywood was ready to send a body double.

And it was superstar Kunal Khemu:

Kunal Khemu becomes Neymar
Kunal Khemu seamlessly transforming into Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior

Germans would have thought Neymar was there and they would have got demoralized, and the results would have been different.

However, if the Brazilians were unsure of Khemu’s acting skills, Bollywood had the ultimate solution:

The patriotic magic

Neymar is lying on the hospital bed nursing his fractured back. The TV in his hospital room is showing the match. By half time, the score is Germany 5 and Brazil 0.

Neymar in hospital
The hero watches his friends being thrashed by villains.

Neymar gets restless. He insists he has to go to the stadium and play the second half to help his country, but doctors advise against any such step.

Right at this time, Manoj Kumar enters with two AA batteries in his hand. The batteries are wearing Brazil jerseys.

Manoj Kumar
“Don’t worry, here is something that will power you to patriotic vigor.”

He puts them into a radio. Turns it on, and the Brazilian national anthem starts playing, followed by FIFA World Cup song by Pitbull.

Neymar can feel his feet moving to the music. He doesn’t feel pain in his back anymore. Quickly he puts on his football shoes and he’s in the stadium in the second half, where he scores a double hat-trick and Brazil wins.

If it worked for Ashok Kumar, it could work for Neymar: