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How various celebrities spent their New Year Eve

01, Jan 2014 By indianpsycho

Rahul Gandhi: Though he was away holidaying in Honolulu but his heart was still bleeding for poor of the country. He was still thinking about how poor people of India can be uplifted so that they too can dream of spending their new year eve in discotheques and pubs like many others.

Rahul Gandhi Gauri Khan
“Dont go by this photo. Rahul ji was actually very worried,” insisted Sanjay Jha.

Rajiv Shukla: Refused to believe it was New Year till Rahul Gandhi ji said so. Kept on arguing with family till Rahul Gandhi confirmed to him that it was indeed a New Year.

Digvijay Singh: He was handling a mission to keep an eye on Modi’s 31st December celebration. If he is to be believed, Modi cut a puppy shaped cake to welcome new year.

Narendra Modi: But in reality Modi was in Ahmedabad as he felt there was no better and more developed place in the entire world to spend new year. Also according to his fans, Gujarat entered 2014 earlier than rest of India.

Arvind Kejriwal: The Aam CM was working even on the last day of the year. He was in his bathroom, auditing calendar of 2013 to make sure their was no corruption in it and the year was not leaving without delivering all 365 days as promised.

Yogendra Yadav: He spent his time doing internal surveys on which pub and bar should he spend his new year eve at. By the time he was done analysing the raw data of the survey, it was already 4 pm and bars were shut in Delhi.

Robert Vadra: He organized an agriculture theme grand party on a football field size land that he purchased recently in Gurgaon. Many real estate honchos attended the party. They arrived in farmer dress, parked their luxury cars and there after partied hard while roaming around riding on buffaloes.

Shahrukh Khan: He was trying to enter Wankhede Stadium in the darkness of night, so that good luck continues for rest of the year and he may be allowed to enter the stadium during IPL.

Aamir Khan: He spent 31st night searching for a perfect place to party. Meanwhile, he wished his wife Happy New Year 23 times as for the first 22 times he wasn’t sure if that was a perfect wish.

Sanjay Dutt: Drank the left over liquor he carried from jail and thought of ways by which he can extend his parole by few more years.

Amitabh Bachchan: Had a blast tweeting some random new year related OMG Facts and latest Dhoom 3 collections.

Navjot Siddhu: He welcomed new year by laughing hard without any valid reasons, just to make sure his employability skills remain intact for rest of the year.

Arnab Goswami: Instead of wasting time by sending SMS and making so many phone calls, he went to his terrace and said “HAPPY NEW YEAR” once and for all. Received thank you and same to you replies through SMS from friends and relatives later.

Ishant Sharma: Unsure of his cricketing career, Ishant Sharma made use of his talented hair and earned some quick bucks by helping single guys make couple entry at discs in Gurgaon where stag entry charges are too high.