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Govt will measure rate of unemployment by counting No of people who don't skip Ads during YouTube videos

14, May 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

There are two type of Ads on YouTube (the ones which play before the requested video plays) – a) The ones which you can skip after 4 seconds, and b) The ones you can not skip. Normally people do skip the Ads, I mean the people who have jobs. Otherwise, there are people who love to see the full video even though it is optional to see. Such people will be of great help to the HRD ministry when they conduct the unemployment census. Counting the number of unemployed people in the country is a huge task so the government would take help of data collected from YouTube, with the criteria that people who watch full ads on YouTube are people who are unemployed.

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Government officials are already in touch with YouTube insights team to gather all information that is necessary. The HRD ministry is pretty sure that this survey will really help to get precise numbers. The other means which have been discussed are getting the number of people spending more than 3 hrs on e-commerce site on an average day. Watching cricket and sports was also discussed but it was rejected basis the fact that people are workplace also watch sports during free time and it won’t give us the number of people who are completely unemployed.

The survey is likely to be completed by the end of this financial year which would help the government making plans to reduce unemployment during the new year. The skills ministry will also give training to the youth to make them competent enough to skip Ads during a YouTube video. Though it is completely tough to eradicate such habits, at least the government is serious enough to recognize the issue in the first place.