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Hrithik applies for birth date change to avoid clash with Kangana’s birthday falling in same quarter

12, May 2019 By dasu

Mumbai: After postponing the release date of “Super 30” to avoid clash with Kangana’s latest “Mental Hai Kya”, today Hrithik was found inside of Bandra magistrate’s court premises filing an affidavit for changing his date of birth.

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The reason is Hrithik’s birthday (10th Jan) and Kangana’s birthday (23rd Mar) fall in the same quarter of a year which Kangana’s sister Rangoli does not like. She has accused Hrithik’s parents for their ‘poor planning’ due to which Kangana’s birthday celebration gets sabotaged.

“Who told Hrithik to come to this world ahead of my sister. What karma he did in his past life or what talent he has, to hold this advantage. All these Karan Johar nepotism gang will go happily for Jadoo’s birthday party (Jadoo, Rangoli’s new nickname for Hrithik) and we have to plead for some guests to come for my sister’s birthday. It’s good Hrithik is moving his birthday. If the gap is less than six months, no one can stop me. Hum dono behono se kam mental koi nahin hai India mein”, said Rangoli in her latest tweet.

According to lawyer of Hrithik Roshan, Pravin Tawde who filed the affidavit “My client nor his parents cannot afford any further Trauma or toxic mental violence from Kangana and Rangoli. That’s why we have asked court to allow Hrithik to remove his birthday from all databases”.

“Unfortunately, Hrithik’s Aadhaar number has four digits higher than digits present in Kangana’s aadhaar card. I am going to UIADI office to change those digits to a lower number. Even name numerology wise Hrithik’s name when converted to a number is higher than Kangana’s. We have to change my clients name too to make it lower”.

“We perfectly understand Rangoli’s concern. My client is less talented, so he can not be ahead of Kangana in any aspect. In fact, Hrithik has agreed to lower his body weight below Kangana’s if that is a concern too”, told Pravin before heading out of court.