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Hrithik Roshan arrested by police for smuggling aliens into India

01, Nov 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Wagah Border, Punjab. Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan has been caught by the BSF while carrying an alien and handed over to the Punjab Police, who have detained him on charges of trying to smuggle aliens into the country. Hrithik had come here a week back to take part in a joint India-Pakistan charity show but it seems it was just an excuse to smuggle aliens into India. These aliens (readers are advised not to confuse aliens with Pakistani citizens) are reported to have come to India as a part of a dance troupe from Pakistan.

Although Punjab Police has kept Hrithik Roshan in their custody since last night, they are a bit confused about the charges they should frame in the chargesheet. Hrithik can’t be booked either under anti-human trafficking laws or under smuggling charges, as aliens are neither humans nor tradable goods. In order to shift focus and blame, police is now questioning immigration officials to find out how the aliens could be allowed inside the country at first place without having the valid documents.

Hrithik Roshan with a suspected alien
Hrithik Roshan with a suspected alien

While the police and the immigration officials are busy settling the issue, Hrithik Roshan has been forced to spend time in jail. Hrithik’s lawyer has claimed that the detention of the Bollywood star is illegal. “Our police should study the law first rather than taking illogical actions. Fans need not worry as we have applied for bail.” Hrithik’s lawyer said, but it seems the star will need to spend at least three days in police custody as courts are closed on weekends. This could be a complete waste of time as Roshan family is no way associated with the upcoming movie Jail starring Neil Nitin Mukesh.

Faking News tried to contact the police officials but they refused to comment over the issue. But our sources say that Hrithik was smuggling these aliens to act in the third movie of the to-be-completed trilogy of Koi Mil Gaya, Krrish, and to-be-announced movie (could be Krrish 2). Such aliens are very economical to employ as compared to hiring Indian actors, whose real faces would anyway not be seen on screen (remember Jaadu).

A new twist to the whole episode was given when India TV claimed that the aliens that Hrithik was trying to smuggle were the same ones who had abducted cows from different parts of the world. The channel ran a show titled “gaai maata ke gunahgaaron ko sazaa do” (punish the criminals of mother cow) and lambasted the police for having apprehended only Hrithik, while letting the cow-abducting aliens go scot free.

Faking News again tried to contact police officials but they again refused to comment. But again, our sources confirmed that the aliens, whom Hrithik was trying to sign a contract with, had ran away very fast as soon as the police raid began. Most of the police officials were plump and sported bulging belly and hence could not match the fitness of the aliens. Police has sealed all the borders of Wagah and are carrying out a search operation to nab the aliens.

For Bollywood, it comes as rude shock as most of their stars are ending going to jail at some point or other.