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Hrithik trolls Super 30 on internet expecting the court to order him to distribute more tickets to people

17, Jul 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. A Ranchi-based woman has been directed to distribute copies of the Quran as a condition for bail after being arrested for hurting religious sentiments through a Facebook post. Richa Bharti is the girl who is punished by the court in this weird manner. But the case is inspiring people to achieve something by planning meticulously.

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Hrithik Roshan, for example, is trolling his own movie on the internet to make the court order him to distribute more tickets to people and thus increase the sale of tickets.

Hrithik who has failed to deliver a major hit since long was hoping that Super 30 turns out to be the game-changer, but that did not happen given the flaws in the making and his own casting as a Bihari. People made a mockery of the film and Hrithik joined in too yesterday. He blasted the movie left to right and center.

It was only after the investigation made by our journalists that we found the real motto behind Hrithik’s move. He actually wants the Mumbai court to take notice and ask him to go door to door to people’s house to sell the tickets of Super 30. This way he can help boost the box-office collection of the movie and try to convert it into a hit.