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Hurt over portrayal of ghost in horror movies, angry ghost attacks RGV by pulling off his blanket

12, Jan 2015 By idiot420

Mumbai. In a spine chilling incident last night, Pret Prakash, a young ghost, who was sentimentally hurt over his community’s portrayal in horror movies, yanked at the blanket of sleeping Ram Gopal Varma, who has made many horror movies (not to be confused with RGV ki Aag).

It was clearly an act of revenge by the enraged Pret Prakash, who in his attempt to pass a strong message to Bollywood and Hollywood filmmakers, took this radical step.

Are we mocking ghosts by making them look like this?

A terrified Ram Gopal Varma is feeling a bit thankful towards the attacker ghost, who left his bedroom without killing him. “Despite being so powerful, he chose just to pull my blanket off,” a surprised RGV told Faking News, adding that looking at the things happening in the world, it was very reassuring that ghosts had not fallen down to the level of alive human beings.

Another ghost, Pisaach Gupta, who is close friend of Pret Prakash, revealed that Pret was quite upset over the ways movie makers generally portray ghosts in their movies.

“For years, we are being portrayed as the bad guys in most of the films. Burnt face, uncombed hair, dirty teeth, twisted legs, uncivilized ways of laughing, these are the things which come to mind of a normal person when they imagine about us. These filmmakers have ruined our public image. But still, most of us take this very sportingly and normally avoid any violent outburst of emotions against humans,” a wise Pisaach Gupta said.

As per Mr. Gupta, whole ghost community is feeling very humiliated by the act of Pret Prakash, who in a moment of anger pulled off RGV’s blanket.

“We condemn this act without any hesitation, as we as a community have been respecting freedom of speech since ages. Have your ever heard of a case where horror movie director or producer got killed by one of us? Never!” a wise Pisaach Gupta concluded.

Reportedly, friends and relatives of Pret Prakash have asked him to put a blanket over sleeping Ram Gopal Varma as a penance for his shameful act.