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I thought Bollywood will stand behind me for whatever crap I did in films: Gajendra Chauhan

10, Jul 2015 By indianpsycho

Pune. Mired in controversy over his appointment as FTII’s new chief, veteran b-grade Bollywood actor Gajendra Chauhan is disheartened with his colleagues in Bollywood. Failing to find backing from anyone of them in his fight to retain the post, Gajendra today claimed that he thought at least Bollywood fraternity will stand behind him for the crappy roles and stuff he did in films.

After some of his old short clips were circulated and became viral recently, Gajendra became even more hopeful of getting Bollywood’s backing but that was not the case to be.

“Please support me”

“Like they came out in hordes, all guns blazing to support Salman Khan for the crime he committed, I thought they will able to find some human side in me as well for the 34 years of my career that I dedicated to playing a goon in films and TV serials,” a disappointed Chauhan told Faking News.

“I mean some of the crimes that I did as an actor like rapes, gruesome murders etc were far more heinous than those committed by Salman. Still nobody backed my appointment as the chief,” he added with tears in his eyes.

Gajendra confessed he was at least accepting some tweets in his support from designer Farah Ali Khan and singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya.

“What is worse is that these guys too failed to find fault with story, director, co-actor, audience etc for the kind of roles I played,” he said, “This is very discouraging sign for future small time villains in Bollywood.”

Meanwhile Gajendra’s only hope now is Arnab Goswami asking for his resignation on Newshour.

“I think only that will get me some kind of backing on social media at least,” he argued, “Or maybe PM Narendra Modi ji opposing my selection could get me some support from likes of Shruti Seth, Vishal Dadlani etc.”