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Image of Sara Ali Khan carrying her own luggage goes viral, concerned Civil Aviation Ministry mulls having coolies at airports 

08, Aug 2019 By @jurnoleast

Sara Ali Khan’s image at the airport which showed the actress carrying her own luggage has got the Civil Aviation Ministry concerned. Though the image got the actress praise from netizens, the debate over celebs having to carry their own luggage has got the Ministry worried.


A highly placed official revealed that the aviation ministry is now mulling having coolies at the airport. “Airports are no different from railway stations. And major airports in the country have seen a surge in passenger traffic in the last couple of years. So for the convenience of travelers we are actively considering the possibility of coolies at airport,” said the source.

Speaking to Faking News, Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said, “We will propose a bill during the next parliament session. The process has already started and passengers should see coolies at airports before the festive season starts. It is highly concerning that bollywood celebs have to carry their own luggage. Will take his matter on priority.”

Mr. Puri also said that this was not the first time that such an idea was actively being considered. “Even when I was not handling this portfolio, I had presented this idea to Suresh Prabhu who was the aviation minister few years back. I remember one weekend we both were watching the cult movie Gunda on TV. And there is a scene in the movie where Mithun, dressed as a coolie, is seen thrashing the bad guys on airport runway. That is how I go the idea,” he revealed.

Bollywood celebs welcomed the move though some like actor-producer Karan Johar, were visibly livid. “Is this why I Iaunch star kids in the industry? So they have to carry their luggage all by themselves,” he screamed.