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Imtiaz Ali is left with no staff as everyone quits after being inspired by his movies and go in search of their passion

07, Jun 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: While many of the contemporary directors in Bollywood present films in a way that one can clearly identify a central idea and director’s effort to have a story built around it, Imtiaz Ali movies have got that simple storytelling attribute which sets him apart from most of the directors. Imtiaz Ali’s world always belongs to love stories, journey, traveling, breakups, self-realization, and escapism. But his movies have created a negative impact in his own life as all his staff has left him and went away to find their true passion, obviously after watching his movies and getting inspired.


His staff members have always enjoyed his movies but soon a trend was seen in the way one member quit his team almost at a regular interval. All his 5-6 close members have quit and have gone too far off places to find their real passion in life. Imtiaz was not taking this trend seriously until very recently when he found that he has no close associates to work with. Finally, he has decided that his next 2 movies won’t be based on escapism and will, in fact, be based on teamwork and advantages of corporate life so that after watching those movies and grasping the crux, most of his team members will return.

Imtiaz is in the process of finalizing a script but has promised that he won’t take Ranbir for his next project as Ranbir’s body language and acting resembles the very core of escapism and running away from the world in search of inner peace. Faking News reporters are in constant touch with Imtiaz and we will let you know as soon as his next project is announced.