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Increase Jolly LLB 2's length, 3 hrs court case sends wrong message to society: Bombay High Court

07, Feb 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: A day after removing 4 scenes from the Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Jolly LLB 2’, Bombay High Court has instructed the film’s producers to increase the film’s length. Since the film depicts a court case, the honorable Court observed that a 3 hrs court case will send a wrong message that court cases can get wrapped up that quickly. The producers have been asked to stretch the film for at least 10 yrs to make it believable.

Akshay Kumar
The Courts vs Jolly LLB

A petition was filed by a local lawyer here who accused the filmmakers of misrepresenting facts. It was argued that if people see that court cases can be settled in 3 hrs then they will start questioning why their cases are continuing for decades. This could lead to serious loss of trust and people will start doubting the efficiency of the lawyers and the judges.

Passing the verdict, the High Court bench observed ,”Everyone has freedom of expression but that doesn’t mean we should misrepresent reality. No serious case can get settled in 3 hrs and we should not mislead people by showing such a scenario. The film should be at least 10 yrs long to give an actual picture of our judicial system. If people don’t have the patience to make or watch such a long film then they should explore other subjects for their films.”

Further, the judgement read ,”If the producers don’t want to spend the money on a very long film then they can show 5 minutes of the film on one day and schedule the next 5 minutes on a date few months later. This way, their 3 hrs long film can easily be completed in 10 yrs while showing the actual reality of our judicial system.”

Meanwhile, the film’s producers are wondering whether they should appeal against this judgement or just upload the film on a torrents website.