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India tries to take revenge from USA, but officers fail to strip search Lady Gaga

19, Dec 2013 By Anil Sharma

New Delhi: Inspired by Yashwant Sinha’s statement Indian officials reacted in quite a weird way to Khobragade incident today when they tried to strip search USA’s leading pop singer Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga, who is here in the capital city of India for her show which is a part of her latest world-tour programme.

Gaga, best known for her stage performances and music hits found herself in trouble as soon as she landed at IGIA.

Lady Gaga after whatever officials could manage to strip search her.
Lady Gaga after whatever officials could manage to strip search her.

“It seemed like the airport security officers were waiting for her flight to land. They asked for her passport and other documents, but weren’t impressed with them. So, they took her away in a private room for further questioning. I straight away knew that the officers were just following their revenge plan, nothing else,” Lady Gaga’s manager Mr. Derek told Faking News.

Although airport security office denied the allegation that it was pre-planned or a part of some revenge.

“We had an information that a man who robbed a bank earlier in the day wearing heavy make-up, unusual clothes and a blonde wig is trying to get out of the country. We were just following the lead,” Chief of airport security said denying the allegations.

“It wasn’t a plan or anything. We were just doing our job. We were just following the law and order. It is our duty to question and search someone if we find him/her suspicious. And whoa, Lady Gaga looks suspicious all the time,” Rajesh Kumar, a senior airport security officer said.

“When we saw her at the airport we straight away thought that the woman was hiding something under the banana leaves she was wearing. That was the only reason we decided to strip search her,” Rajesh Kumar stated.

“First there was a confusion on who should stripsearch Gaga. A female officer or a male officer. Well, we wasted a lot of time over that particular argument,” Rajesh further stated.

According to Rajesh Kumar, after a long discussion, they sent a lady officer named Vimala Chuadhary to stripsearch Gaga.

“Forget about her outfit, me and my co-officers couldn’t even get rid of the make-up she was wearing. She was wearing everything except clothes. Green vegetables, chicken-meat, forks, spoons, stones, baked breads. We had a good brunch though.” Vimala told Faking News.

“We worked hard but got stuck at the peacock feathers she was wearing,” Vimala said sighing.

Apparently after the incident Lady Gaga cancelled her show in New Delhi and  immediately flew back to New York.

One of Lady Gaga’s staff members Salomon Ku Shields who handles her earnings reacted saying, “Gaga is not just the mother of pop, she is the mother of USA. This sort of insult is unacceptable.”