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Indian GoT fans threaten a “Rail Roko Andolan” if Arya dies on the show

08, Jun 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Delhi: Fans of hit HBO show Game Of Thrones have threatened a Pan-India ‘Rail Roko Andolan’ if Arya Stark gets killed during the next episode of Game of Thrones. Arya is currently wounded and on the run to save her life from the faceless men.

Will she survive this Sunday?

One of the most favourite characters on the show, Arya was stabbed during the previous episode leaving viewers shocked. As her fate hangs in balance, fans are trying to pressurize HBO to ensure she lives.

“Our demands are very clear. Either Arya lives or every train in this country comes to a halt. We will block every route across the country to make our voices heard. PM Modi is already in the USA, he can convey our emotions to the HBO executives. If she goes down, Indian Railways goes down with her”, said Aryan Kumar, one of the leaders of the protest.

“We were thinking about sticking to the traditional Indian protest of burning buses and police vehicles but those things aren’t even noticed by local police officers now so we didn’t think that will make HBO notice. So we decided to take a leaf out of the reservation protesters, take it to another level and block railway tracks across the nation. There are enough Arya fans here to accomplish it”, Mr. Aryan said.

Another leader of this planned ‘Rail Roko Andolan’ Aryavrat said,”Look, we know it is Game Of Thrones and characters will die. Valar Morghulis, all man must die but Arya is not a man, how can she die? It will be unethical to kill her and we will fight against this injustice.”

Government of India has taken note of these protests and a message has been sent to Mr. Modi already. “We have asked Mr. Modi to speak to HBO executives about our problem. If they still don’t save Arya, Mr. Modi will speak strongly to them during his next US visit next week”, said a senior official at PMO.