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Indian Government to file a defamation case against Salman Khan for giving a flop named 'Bharat' 

12, Jun 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Salman Khan is yet again in trouble. No not because of a black buck or his driving skills, but due to his new movie ‘Bharat’. Since its release, almost everyone is making fun of Salman’s acting and the storyline of his movie ‘Bharat’. As things escalated out of hands and Bharat flopped miserably at the box office, the Indian government was forced to sue Salman for defaming the word Bharat.

Our correspondent from Navi Mumbai spoke to public prosecutor Ujwal Nigam and he then disclosed the details of this case: “Bharat is maybe the worst movie of Salman after Tubelight, Jai Ho, Race 3 and 72 other projects. It’s so disappointing that even the government couldn’t handle this embarrassment and have decided to sue Salman for it. Government officials explained that making terrible movies and naming it as ‘Bharat’ is nothing but disrespect towards the country and taking severe action against Bollywood’s bad boy is crucial. They are even consulting lawyers to see if Salman Khan can be charged under the sedition law!”

We also spoke to Salman’s manager Ranga who cleared Salman’s official stand on this issue. Ranga said, “Bhai was not there in the film, it was bhai’s driver who did the entire movie’s shoot. So if anything goes wrong it’s not bhai but his driver who will have to face the consequences. Bhai was busy shooting for Dabbang 3 and Hello Brother 2 in the Maldives. In his absence, bhai’s driver acted in this movie and hence the drama. We even have all the proof in case we are asked to surrender it to the court. Bhai has started to donate even more generously to get easy bail if in case things don’t work out.”

It has been also noticed that Salim Khan has already started to prepare an apology note for Salman’s debacle in ‘Bharat’.