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Indian husbands forgive Ekta Kapoor after watching Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai

07, Aug 2010 By GenuineFaker

New Delhi. In a historic move, the aam aadmi of India has forgiven Ekta Kapoor for all her television serials, after watching the recent Bollywood release, Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai, produced by her Balaji Telefilms. “It was a difficult thing to do, but we Indians always forgive the people lost in mornings when they come back home in the evenings to face the latest episode of Bandini on Star One,” says moviegoer Vishal, echoing the sentiments of crores of married Indian males.

However, the wave of forgiveness is progressing slowly, as millions of saas-bahu-tormented husbands are finding it hard to believe that it indeed is the same Ekta Kapoor who has produced this iconic film based in 1970s Mumbai.

“But I didn’t feel even once that the story was being stretched out like a bubble gum,” exclaims accountant Rajat Dahiya, whose wife Anju forces him to watch two serials every night in the name of spending ‘quality family time’ together. “Well yes, there were near-death experiences, heavily bejeweled women and Bollywood item songs, just like the serials,” he concedes, “but in the movie, they were all appropriate for the storyline!”

Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai
The eyes of Ajay Devgan have received a lot of positive reviews again for their intensity

But a few were disappointed too. Anju says, “I thought if Ajay (Devgan) and Emraan (Hashmi) were a sasur-daamaad duo, the storyline would have been just fantastic!”

On the other hand those who did notice Ekta Kapoor’s hand were in for a pleasant surprise. “Having seen the Balaji Telefilms logo in the beginning, I had resigned myself to 3 hours of the usual torture of misunderstandings, treachery and family values,” recalls Subhash Sharma, businessman. “But when I didn’t see any scheming aunts or hapless newlywed brides even 10 minutes into the movie, my confidence grew. By the interval, I had completely forgotten that the movie had anything to do with Ekta Kapoor. Goes on to show that the cat can still go for Hajj after eating nine hundred mice.. err.. I mean producing nine thousand episodes.”

“Ekta’s pilgrimage began in 2007 with Shootout at Lokhandwala,” observes film critic Prakash Jha, “but everyone thought she accidentally got shut out of the editing room. She continued on and produced Sarkar Raj and also Love, Sex aur Dhokha. But it was only with her latest release that she showed the guts to produce a film without a ‘k’ in the title. And just for that, the Indian public is willing to forgive her the extra ‘a’ in Mumbai.”

Unfortunately, this phenomenon has given renewed hope to actor Dev Anand, who announced today that he will be applying for the forgiveness of Indian movie-goers through his forthcoming movie Jewel Thief in Mumbaai.