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Indian Idol Sub-Junior announced for kids below the age of 1

06, Jun 2013 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai. After the great response to Indian Idol Junior, Sony Entertainment Channel has announced Indian Idol Sub-Junior, which will start immediately after the completion of Indian Idol Junior. A press release from the channel was issued yesterday in this regard and sent to media houses and expecting mothers.

A child must be aged 12 months or below on the date of audition to take part. Kids will be judged on the way they cry. The search is to find the kid who can best cry in sur. Once the auditions are over, the kids will be trained to cry musically so that they can give their best possible performance on stage.

Crying Baby
He should cry only for TV

Explaining the rationale behind starting this show, an executive producer for the channel said, “See, life is all about rejections, disappointments, and getting judged by strangers; the sooner these kids learn that, the better it is for them. The response to Indian Idol Junior has been great so I am sure people will like the sub-junior show too.”

Vishal-Shekhar and Shreya Ghoshal, currently judging Indian Idol Junior will most likely be retained for the Sub-Junior show but producers aren’t sure on Shreya Ghoshal yet. “She sees a Rasgulla in every child and some of the contestants on Indian Idol Sub-Junior are going to be as small as a Rasgulla, we are afraid she may end up eating one of them,” a person working on the show format told us.

This announcement has provided a new business opportunity for the previous winners of Indian Idol (the senior version), who were out of work. All of them have started musical training institutes next to Gynecology clinics looking for pregnant women so that they can train the fetus to cry musically once it comes out of the womb.

When asked if it is even possible to provide musical training to a fetus, one trainer said, “What man, Abhimanyu can learn about Chakravyuh in his mother’s womb and these kids can’t learn Sa Re Ga Ma? The competition is going to be intense for the Indian Idol Sub-Junior so these kids need all the training that they can get. There isn’t going to be much time after birth for that so they need to start now.”

As per the executive producer of the show, initial plan was to have a show for kids who haven’t started speaking yet but then they were afraid that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh may come for auditions too.