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Indian scientist invents time machine and travels 30 years ahead, shocked to see Karan -Bipasha wedding still going on

02, May 2016 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: A scientist associated with DRDO who invented a time machine for a secret defence project got a shock of his life when he noticed that that the wedding of bollywood celebrities Bipasha Sabu and Karan Grofer is still going on in the year 2046.

Bipasha showing her mehndi in 2046, seeds of which were planted in 2016
Bipasha showing her mehndi in 2046, seeds of which were planted in 2016

Ramanujan Sastry who created a time machine as part of a defence project, traveled 30 years in the future last week and after 10 days of data collection, returned to 2016. Speaking to Faking News Mr. Sastry spoke about the events in the year 2046, including the wedding of the bollywood couple.

“I traveled through the time machine last week. I remember waking up on the bed in my house. I picked up the newspaper to check the date and it was 1st April 2046. Thought of skimming through the news paper and after turning 50 pages of ads, I landed on the last page to read that Karan-Bipasha wedding was still going on.”

“I mean the news of their wedding is going on in the papers for ages and even in 2046 it’s not done? Can someone please tell me what exactly is pending?” he questioned.

Our reporter spoke to a source to confirm if the wedding was indeed going to last for another 30 years.

“To tell you honestly, I cannot confirm or deny. Look at these seeds in my palm. These are of mehndi plant. We will plant the seeds today so that the leaves can be used later for the mehndi ceremony. So it may well be a long affair,” said the source.

“The wedding venue has become like a tourist site. There has been steady flow of visitors and guests. I heard even officials from Guinness Book had arrived to check is it was the longest wedding event,” he added.

The scientist, who has been seeing images of the wedding daily, said that the series continued even in 2046.

“Some of the reigning bollywood stars who marked their presence at the wedding were seen coming out of the wedding with a walking stick in 2046,” he said while recollecting vividly.

Apparently, the scientist is now going write an open letter to the couple asking them to ‘wind up’ their wedding. “I mean I am happy for both of them, but aur kitne din chalega ye. I will write the letter and if required, go to the venue and speak to them personally. Someone has to expedite things,” he said with a hint of frustration.