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Indians relate to Jurassic World more than anyone else in the world: Survey

19, Jun 2015 By RT

Mumbai. India’s leading satirical news website, Faking News conducted a worldwide survey to understand the success of Jurassic World and the results are shocking. Indians relate to Jurassic World more than anyone else in the world.

“Post Independence, we created a monster called ‘Corruption’. The dinosaur grew in size decade by decade and scams in the tune of lacs of crores are the latest lure. More like the theme park in the movie, every few years, a new kind of scam is added to the already existing attractions. The newspapers and other mainstream media take the people of India for a cheerful ride until they are bored and wait for the next big thing to happen”, a few old men responded to the survey.

jurassic world
jurassic world

“We are the world’s largest democratic country. We are used to seeing gigantic monsters emerge from era to era and threaten the livelihood of all the Indians. We call them politicians. The funny thing is, the new wave dinosaurs, after killing the old beasts, turn into monsters themselves in quick time and the Mesozoic era never ends. We have learned to laugh out loud whenever a few good men claim that they will fight and be normal and commoners. In quicker time, we as a society turn them into new 3G or 4G, a lot different from earlier 2G models”, the young India replied to the survey.

“For me, the dinosaurs in India are: Caste system, illiteracy, pollution, violence against women, poverty, bribery at all levels of system, very slow and often prejudiced judiciary and so on”, a few educationalist types sent emails to the survey.

‘Exams’ was the one word reply from many school and college kids and invariably all the replies came through Facebook, Twitter, Disqus and WhatsApp messages. A few had even mentioned, ‘Love failure’ much to the joy of netizens.

“Mom and dad, the school bag, a few choice class teachers and certainly the principal,” conveyed the kindergarten kids who have watched the movie in hundreds of thousands across the country.

Faking News survey concluded that more Indians could relate to Jurassic World than anyone else, as living with all kinds of dinosaurs is the way of life for the inhabitants and they do not need another special adventurous ride than the monstrous Indian traffic system, enjoyable free of cost day-in and day-out.