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Insomniacs want Karan Johar to apologize for "Wake Up Sid"

02, Oct 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Members of NMS (Need More Sleep) have strongly objected to the title of Karan Johar’s latest movie “Wake Up Sid”. They feel that the title is highly provocative, derogatory and insensitive to people suffering from sleep deficits or insomnia. NMS workers, led by their president Siddharth Thackeray, called on the producer Karan Johar this afternoon and submitted a memorandum demanding immediate apology and change in the title of the movie.

“I am consulting friends, lawyers, police, pundits, doctors, bankers and family members and will decide what to do. They had come with hockey sticks to beat me up but their leader Siddharth was very generous and told them to postpone the bashing as it was International non-violence Day today. I’m touched by this display of compassion and generosity, and would do my best not to hurt the NMS guys.” Karan Johar said.

Shut the fuck up and let me sleep: NMS
Shut the fuck up and let me sleep: NMS

NMS workers were particularly agitated over the fact that the movie title not only mocked people suffering from insomnia in general, but it showed cheeky disrespect to their president Siddharth Thackeray in particular, by asking “Sid” to wake up.

“Sid Sir hardly sleeps for more than three hours these days, and these uncouth and uncultured people are asking him to wake up! How can someone tolerate such shit? We will wait till tomorrow morning and see for ourselves if things have been set right, or we know how to set them right.” Soya Sawant, the Pune chief of NMS said.

A few film critics have found the conduct of NMS members objectionable as they felt that such acts curbed the creative freedom of an artist. These people were planning to meet Karan Johar and show solidarity but Karan has thanked them and advised them to stay put. Karan believes that creative people are bound to commit mistakes, and there is no shame in apologizing.

NMS workers had earlier searched and bashed up a doctor who had blogged about a special brand of sleeping pill that could cure insomnia and help them in their daily lives. NMS workers thought that the doctor had termed them as “sick” and was being disrespectful to them. The doctor was bed ridden for over six months. Since then most professionals and other people, including fake journalists, have preferred apologizing to NMS.