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Inspired by ICC, Indian censor board to report dancers for suspected illegal dance steps

17, Jan 2015 By Mehul Gala

Mumbai. In the wake of fatal verdict against number of spinners around the world by various cricket boards, lead by ICC, Indian censor board, known for its strict disciplinary measures, is set to take the dancing world by a storm.

The board stayed in the headlines throughout the year for its bold ‘cuts’ ensuring the movie industry remains as clean as possible. Now, in what is deemed as yet another unprecedented move, the censor board is coming up with a list of guidelines which must be followed by all the dancers.

“For years, dancing steps have evolved immensely but we have to draw the line somewhere so that it stays within the acceptable limit,” said a senior member of the board under the condition of anonymity.

One of the song whose dance steps are under scrutiny.
One of the song whose dance steps are under scrutiny.

“You may see the rules such as the flow of the Lungi should be in sync with the hand movement in Lungi dance, the curve of the butt should be between 30 to 45 degrees in Baby Doll, 3 inch cleavage must be shown while enacting the signature Umravjaan’s salaam,” he added.

A special committee has been formed to speed up the process which is currently running on the Indian Standard Time. Stalwarts like Farah Khan, Mithun Chakraborty and Govinda are requested to contribute with their expertise. Budding dancers have already taken upon themselves to perfect their moves. A large number of hits have been recorded on Shammi Kapoor’s dancing videos which is considered as geometrically and acrobatically perfect, wrestling-karate-kabaddi laden masterpiece. People are queuing up to take the leaf from his book.

Dancers will be given a warning if their steps are found to be incorrect according to the law. Furthermore, under the upcoming Illegal Suspicious Dancing Step Policy (ISDSP), if a dancer receives a report while on the warning list, the dancer shall be suspended from dancing in any movies, reality shows or award functions organised under the ambit of the censor board until such date as he is cleared. The person can apply for a test in Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Main aisa hi hoon’ dance academy in Mumbai which will officially be under the censor board.

As expected, number of legendary dancers have come forward to voice their opinion against this harsh policy. Jeetendra is choreographing ‘Maayo’ steps for Tusshar Kapoor’s next Golmaal installment. ‘Ek do teen’ fame Mathuri Dixit is using Black Shampoo as a mark of protest and Shahid Kapoor is replying with his usual Gandi Baat.

Meanwhile, Sunny Leone is expecting a filmfare award for her exemplary ‘Dancing Car’ steps in Aamir Khan starter PK.