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Inspired by movies, an unsuccessful lawyer hires people to clap after his arguments to win court cases

21, Oct 2014 By Akash

New Delhi. A lawyer, Mr. Bobby, in his pursuit of long pending success, hired people to clap in courtroom after his arguments, rather long speeches, to get the judgement in his favor. He got this inspiration from movies like Damini, Jolly LLB, Kanoon (1960), OMG – Oh My God, No One Killed Jessica, etc.

Mr. Bobby had been practicing law in Delhi High Court for past ten years under an umbrella outside the court. But he hadn’t tasted even a drop of success. He lost cases for all the clients whom he managed to convince in the past 10 years. Of late, he had been surviving on making affidavits, rent agreements, helping with PAN cards and driving license applications, and other such projects.

The movie that changed the way law is practised in India.
The movie that changed the way law is practiced in India.

To know the truth behind hiring of this “clap gang”, Faking News decided to conduct a sting operation on him. Mr. Bobby assured a cent percent win to our reporter (acting as a client). When questioned about his credibility as a lawyer and his past failures, he told our disguised reporter, “You need not worry at all about my past. I have learnt enough from my experiences, now I won’t commit any blunder. I have this magic wand in my hand.”

When asked more about this magic wand, he continued, “Learning is in my genes. I try to learn from whatever comes around. These movies like Damini, Jolly LLB, OMG – Oh My God and many others involving lawyers have one thing in common. Can you guess!?” he paused and continued, “In almost all of these movies, a lawyer with no winning record or past experience ends up winning the case when  people and police present in courtroom start clapping after his arguments. Well, this was an enough indication for me by God.”

When asked to clarify further, he confirmed  that he has hired 30 such guys for Rs. 10 each, per trial, to clap or give standing ovation to him after his final long argument cum speech.

He also claimed that he won his last case using this efficient technique. On our investigation, his claim turned out to be true. Our investigations also showed that the judge of that particular case was also a Bollywood fan. He forgot and paid no attention to Mr. Booby’s illogical arguments as soon as people in court room gave him a long standing ovation. Falling prey to Mr Bobby’s technique he ended up giving judgement in Bobby’s favor.

After Faking News’ revelation of the sting video, Delhi Police has acted and arrested Mr. Bobby and that judge for questioning.

Latest reports say that one Mr. Jolly, another lawyer working in the same court, has decided to fight for Mr. Bobby. Interestingly, this will be the first case of Mr. Jolly.