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Inspired by Preity Zinta's fiance 'Gene Goodenough', Rakhi Sawant announces engagement to 'Chromosome Muchbetter'

07, Mar 2016 By Vaibhav Anand

Mumbai: Sensing an opportunity to get some publicity, drama queen Rakhi Sawant today announced that she would be finally getting engaged, putting an end to rumors about a possible second season of Rakhi ka Swayamwar.

Rakhi Sawant feeling MuchBetter after her engagement announcement
Rakhi Sawant feeling MuchBetter after her engagement announcement

Apparently, inspired by Preity Zinta having a fiance called ‘Gene Goodenough’, Rakhi Sawant declared that she too had a fiance and that too one with a much better name than Ms. Zinta’s.

At a recently held Bollywood award ceremony where Ms. Sawant landed up without invitation, she announced that her fiance was a businessman from ‘Antarctica’ and his name was ‘Chromosome Muchbetter’.

“Chromosome is the man of my dreams,” Rakhi said, in an exclusive chat with this Faking News reporter.

“He is big and fit and makes money doing something in Antarctica. He is the best. This Preity might have found a good-enough guy, but my fiance is much better! Aajkal acche chromosome milte kaha hai,” she said almost ruing the fact that women have few choices when it comes to choosing the right man.

“Look how big diamond ring he gives me! Look!” she exclaimed, flashing her ring finger in front of this reporter, pronouncing “diamond” as “daamond”.

Har aurat yehi chahti hai uska pati baaki sab se behtar ho. Now if any woman praises her husband, I can say that mine is Muchbetter,” she said with an animated face.

Maenwhile, a guy named DNA AlmostPerfect has reportedly lodged a complaint against ‘unknown woman’ for pestering him with marriage proposals. “Yes, it’s true. Since the time Priety Zinta got married, I am being harassed by women who want me to get married to them. Now I am seriously thinking of getting my name changed,” he said with a worried look on his face.