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Inspired by Salman’s driver, Deepika’s driver takes full responsibility for #MyChoice video

01, Apr 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: In sensational turn of events, Deepika Padukone’s family driver Chhedi Ram has taken complete responsibility of the #MyChoice video which is making waves among feminists and normal people. Chhedi has also requested critics, males and ultra-mild-feminists to spare Deepika and instead direct their criticism towards him.

He called reporters for an urgent press conference yesterday evening and apologized to everyone who was hurt because of the video. He even proposed to surrender to Mahila Ayog for any punishment to be meted to him for his acts.

This pose is brought to you by Deepika's driver.
This pose is brought to you by Deepika’s driver.

Talking to media he said, “My wife had actually beaten up my mother for no reason a few days back, and I was feeling very bad about it. While driving Deepika ma’am to Ranveer Sir’s house, I told her that my wife has done something very very wrong and I am quite pained by it. She didn’t let me complete my story and said whatever my wife has done it’s “her choice” and she is absolutely right in making that choice. I felt lighter after that. And I think this incident served as an inspiration for Deepika ma’am’s #MyChoice video.”

“Hence I am not ashamed to say this that I take full responsibility for this video. I know thousands are shocked by the black & white frames and unnecessary gushes of wind throughout the video, but I urge everyone to forgive me for being an inspiration for this atrocious footage. A lot of our NRI brothers and sisters are especially hurt because of Deepika’s bad diction in the video, but I apologize for that as well,” Chhedi said with moist eyes.

When asked if he is doing this because Salman’s driver has done a similar thing, Chhedi rejected such claims, “I am taking this responsibility because it’s my choice, what Sallu bhai’s driver did is his choice. Please don’t mix the choices like this. One similarity though is that Sallu bhai always says “Do whatever you want to do man” … same thing is what Deepika ma’am said, though in a different way. Not sure why everyone is after her life. Anyhow if you still wish to criticize her it’s your choice.”