After watching Congress reject the Delhi Exit Poll results, Varun Dhawan rejects the Oscars

10, Feb 2020 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. A day after voting in Delhi Assembly elections, the Congress rubbished the exit poll results, most of which predicted little or no change in the party’s fortunes from 2015 polls, saying the result on February 11 will “surprise everyone”. Though many people made fun of the Congress’s stand, actor Varun Dhawan took it as an inspiration to announce that he is rejecting the Oscars this time.

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Varun also said to Faking News “Oscars are overrated. They make movies like Inception after spending millions and millions of dollars. Rohit Shetty makes almost the same film called ‘Dilwale’ at 1/100th the cost. Vivek Oberoi bhai also played the role of Joker in Krishh3 and that too without taking the fees that Hollywood actors charge. India is the hub of creativity. We spend so less on our movie scripts and make the exact replicas of the Hollywood movies. Hollywood just spends money and wastes it more often than not”

It has also been reported that Rohit Shetty, Farah Khan, Sajid Khan, and Sanjay Gupta have also rejected the Oscars. But the sale of Korean movie DVDs was on an all-time high as these directors are watching them make a Bollywood movie out of the Korean movies.