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Inspired by Dangal, man training his daughter to do what he never could, get work done from a Govt employee

26, Dec 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Bhiwani: Aamir Khan starrer Dangal is running to packed houses across the country. The biopic of Mahavir Phogat is striking a chord with the masses and inspiring many of them. Arun Sangwan of Bhiwani is among the millions inspired by the film and has decided that he will train his daughter similarly.

Government office
Abhi Lunch time hai

In the film, Mahavir Phogat, who had to give up his wrestling dream, trains his daughters to achieve what he couldn’t, an international Gold medal. Similarly, Arun has decided that his daughter will achieve what he never could, return from a government office successfully after getting the work done. 40 yrs old Arun thinks his best days are behind him and he may not be able to achieve this success in his life but his 8 yrs old daughter may just be able to do it if trained well by him.

“I first visited a government office in 1988 with my father. We sat around for hours before being told that our work couldn’t be done that day. Years passed, my father passed, I became a young man, got married, had kids, but I could never get a government employee to do my work. It didn’t matter which department’s office I visited, my work couldn’t be done that day”, Arun told Faking News while recalling his struggle.

“Either I reached the government office too early, Janaab abhi daftar nahin aaye hote or I reached during tea time or lunch time. Sometimes I reached after 3 PM so my work couldn’t be done because it was time to close the office. However, I have gained a lot of experience doing all these rounds. Now I will impart all my wisdom to my daughter and one day, she will get that file passed, that document signed, that payment cleared. One day she will make us proud. I really want to thank Aamir Khan and Dangal for giving me this confidence”, Arun said with a twinkle in his eyes.

Meanwhile, when Arun’s daughter heard that her father is planning to send her to government offices, she started listening to Haanikaarak Bapu on loop.