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Inspired by IIFA, Delhi  based family goes on a vacation to US and hands out awards to family members

17, Jul 2017 By @jurnoleast

IIFA 2017 may have been accused of nepotism, but it has managed to inspired one family in Delhi to take a trip to US and honor it’s members for their outstanding contribution to the family.

The Ahuja family from Delhi’s Vasant Vihar had been long planning a vacation which never materialized. Besides, the elders of the family lamented the fact that the younger generation seemed more busy with their smartphone. But all that was taken care of with this trip.

The recently concluded IIFA awards inspired the family to hand out awards while having some good time. “Our entire family was watching the awards last Sunday. And we noticed how they all were having a great time while giving out those coveted trophies to star kids. It seemed like a very good idea. In fact we have come up with an award for every member of our family so that no one gets left out,” said Mr. Ahuja.

“My father will be get the Lifetime Achievement award while there is close contest between my mother and wife for best supporting actress. My daughter will get best new comer, best costume, and best actress,” he added while reading out the list of winners while speaking to our reporter a few days back.

Simran Grewal, author of the bestselling book Nepotism 101, who has criticized IIFA in her book for favoritism, said, “I give a rat’s ass to IIFA and don’t think if has anything to do with talent. But if this trend of taking family members to overseas location and rewarding them is getting them closer then I am all for it.”

Images of the vacation shared by the family on social media have gone viral and seems like the trend is catching up with other families too. Many of whom are now looking at exotic locations across the world to hold their own ‘IIFA’.