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Inspired by Ravi Shastri's statement, Sajid Khan says Housefull is the best movie in the last 20 years

13, Sep 2018 By Guest Patrakar

Going into the fifth and final Test against England at the Oval, India coach Ravi Shastri raised eyebrows when he rated the current team better than those in the last 15-20 years. Sajid-Khan-Talks-About-REALITY-OF-Bollywood-In-This-AMAZING-Interview-Teaser

While former captains Sunil Gavaskar and Sourav Ganguly were among those who slammed Shastri for his comments, skipper Virat Kohli backed his coach after the Oval Test when he said that this team wanted to believe it is the best. Just like Virat Kohli, even Sajid Khan is highly inspired by Ravi Shastri’s comments.

Sajid Khan believes that Housefull is the best movie made in Bollywood in the past 20 years. It was a well-crafted movie with equal doses of humor, emotions, and sensibility. According to Sajid, it took courage to make a movie like Housefull, because if the movie is good people will not praise him, but if it turns out to be bad he will be bashed and made fun of.

Sajid believed in himself and told himself that if he has to become the greatest director of the 20th century he will have to take risks. And then what, pieces came together. Akshay Kumar gave a memorable performance and audience laughed their heart out.

Sajid, while talking to the Faking News reporter told that he always wanted to come out in public and say that Housefull is the best movie but never had the courage to do so. But after hearing what Shastri said about the non-performing Indian team, he felt inspired to come out in public with his opinion.