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Intelligence report warns of possible violence if Tyrion Lannister dies in next episode of Game of Thrones

03, Jun 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Sensing growing frustration among Indian fans of HBO television series Game of Thrones (GoT) over almost inevitable death of Tyrion Lannister, IB (Intelligence Bureau) has warned government of possible violent rampage at urban centers.

In a public message to GoT viewers, a senior Home Ministry official Anuj Sharma has requested them to maintain calm and remain hopeful. “Please, behave like a law abiding citizen even if Tyrion ji dies in the next episode; no one is here to live forever,” said Mr. Sharma.

“Dear Indians, a Lannister always pays his debts.”

Despite an appeal from the government, GoT followers are going berserk over the uncertainty.

“Enough is enough dude. We somehow tolerated untimely death of Ned stark and Robb Stark, but not this time,” said Priyank, a furious GoT fan, “If anything happens to him, then by God, Ned ka, Rob ka, Tyrion ka, sabka badla lunga main.”

Government is not taking these threats lightly after some Shiv Sena workers went berserk over Facebook posts a few days back.

However, GoT fans are not relying only on violence to relieve their feelings. Priyank has promised to God that he would stop smoking if Tyrion survives.

Such is the level of anxiety and restlessness among the fans that a group of students from Delhi University are visiting Vaishno Devi to pray for Tyrion Lannister’s well being. They have told their family that they were going to get mata’s blessing for CAT and other competitive exams.

“I can’t let my mom and dad to know that I watch Game of Thrones. They think of it as some porn serial,” disclosed a member of the group on conditions of anonymity.

With emotions flying high, fans could turn volatile any time, which is why the central government has asked state governments to deploy extra force coming Monday, the day on which maximum viewers in India will download and watch the 9th episode of the serial.

Many states are already on high alert, sources tell Faking News. Bangalore police is keeping a vigil eye, especially on the engineering colleges of the city.

“We are getting reports that there is an unusual silence across many college hostels; it’s like lull before the storm. If Tyrion dies in the next episode, we will immediately impose section 144, at least on college campuses,” Bangalore police chief revealed his plans for the D-Day.

Meanwhile, many optimistic fans have full faith in unexpected twists and turns they have witnessed in previous episodes.

“The very fact that anything that is expected to happen never happens in GoT, is the last ray of hope for Tyrion. Hopefully something bizarre  would happen. May be dragons of Daenerys would come, pick up Tyrion and fly away,” hoped Alok, an IT professional from Hyderabad.