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Investigative reporters head to New York to solve Ranbir-Mahira mystery

22, Sep 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Leading investigative journalists from all news outlets have left for New York City as they seek to get the real story behind the viral pics of Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan. Pics showing both of them together went viral on social media earlier today and quickly became the most important issue facing the two neighboring countries, India and Pakistan. Soon after these pics went viral, every channel showed these images with “EXCLUSIVE” tag.

Will we ever learn the truth behind this image?

The duo was seen smoking cigarettes in the images and seem to be having a conversation. There is speculation that they could be dating but being a responsible news website, we can’t comment on speculation. Whether there is any truth or not to the rumours, will only be learnt after detailed reports are filed by all the investigative journalists.

Speaking to Faking News at Indira Gandhi International airport, a journalist said ,”This is the biggest story this week, bigger than Trump and Rocket man’s name calling. This can change our entire world. An Indian actor, a Pakistani actress, smoking a cigarette, in USA, this has all the ingredients for a great masala story  public interest written all over it and in public interest, we will risk our lives to find out the true story behind these images. In fact, I have told my editor that I am not coming back from New York till I resolve the entire mystery.”

Meanwhile, Taimur Ali Khan has thanked Ranbir Kapoor for giving him a break from all the journalists who were covering his every move.