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"Jadoo" and now "PK", experts wonder why good aliens visit India while bad aliens attack US

22, Dec 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. A decade after Jadoo visited India and helped a mentally disabled boy Rohit, news of yet another good hearted alien named PK visiting India is making news these days.

While it has yet again put Indian on world map, it has also sparked off a debate – Why do good aliens normally choose to visit India, while the bad aliens attack the United States?

Many experts are calling it a result of difference in United State’s karma and India’s karma.

Aamir Khan PK
Cute, harmless and good hearted alien.

“While US has this habit of bombing other countries, we on the other hand are very responsible nation and we never do such things. Aliens out there are watching us and are treating both the countries accordingly,” explained aliens expert Niranjan Sharma.

But on the other hand, United States believes that this difference in attitude of aliens reflected the geo-political realities, proving that US was the only superpower on earth.

“Aliens know that US is capable enough to fight against them, that’s why they come in large groups in spaceships loaded with modern arms and ammunition,” commented a White House official hitting back at India, “India is a country of dance and debates, and so are the aliens visiting there.”

Whatever the reasons may be, but this is definitely going in favor of Bollywood producers.

“They have to shell out less money on making movies about good aliens visit. If you have to show bad aliens invading India, you will have to show a lot of destruction, which is quite expensive to film. But visit of good aliens like that of PK is easy to shoot, because all they do is preaching,” explained a Bollywood trade analyst, “The return on investment is pretty good there. Who in India would not want to get preached by an alien? We love to get preached!”

Confessing the truth, a movie producer on the conditions of anonymity told Faking News that because of budget constraints, it was not affordable to film a really devastating alien attack.

“It’s good for India and Bollywood that those bad aliens are maintaining a distance from us,” he reasoned.

Meanwhile, HRD minister Smriti Irani has called the incident of good aliens visiting India an achievement of NDA rule.

“Back in 2003, when Jadoo visited India, Vajpayee Ji was PM and now when PK is visiting India, Modi Ji is PM. #AchheDin #AchheLog,” tweeted Smriti Irani.