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In Jagga Jasoos sequel, a Jasoos will search for expressions on Katrina's face

18, Jul 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif’s recently released film Jagga Jasoos is slowly making its mark at the box office. After being in the making for almost three years, fans weren’t expecting too much from the much-delayed project. However, filmmaker Anurag Basu managed to surprise Bollywood enthusiasts once again with his film. So much so that Anurag has decided to start making a sequel too, and he has even revealed the plot. In Jagga Jasoos 2, the jasoos will try to find expressions on Katrina’s face.


Making Jagga Jasoos was a challenge for Basu as he had to cope with the frequent delays in shooting as well as trying to find expressions on Katrina’s face. And in that difficult process, Basu figured out what he wanted to make next. Basu has taken the challenge to find expressions on Katrina’s face, and he wants to portray the story of a jasoos a.k.a detective who is trying to find it.

After giving so many hits in a row, question marks over her acting still surface every time a big movie releases, and Basu wants to end that question for all at once. He has been writing the script of the movie which will obviously have Katrina in the lead, and she will play herself, i.e an actress who fails to come up with relevant expressions while performing a scene.

Ranair Kapoor will be the best person to play the role of the detective, as during the shoot of the first installment in the Jagga series, he worked hard at finding expressions on Katrina’s face. Katrina is quite happy with the announcement as biopics on female characters are rarely made in Bollywood and this film would be a tribute to her acting skills or the non existence of it.