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Jealous husbands oppose naming of lunar crater after SRK

25, Jan 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Various married men, apart from Aamir Khan fans, have been hurt by the news of a crater on moon being named as “Shah Rukh Khan”. These men, under the aegis of Jealous Husbands Association (JHA), have written a letter to The International Astronomical Union to overturn the decision. JHA members fear that their wives will stop thinking about them on Karwa Chauth if the moon had SRK on its surface.

“This SRK bloke is making things difficult for me with each passing day. Each day my wife would like me to do some silly stuff he does on the screen and make me feel like a second man in her life. Karwa Chauth was one day when I felt so great. But now, she’d actually be looking at SRK first (in the moon) even on that day. This sucks!” Rahul Raj, a disturbed husband said.

Karwa Chauth makes husbands feel good and important
Many husbands fear that their wives might keep on looking at the moon if a crater was named Shahrukh Khan over there.

Rahul was asked by his wife Anushka to take dance classes last year after they went to watch Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, and his hatred for SRK had been growing ever since. He joined various online hate groups against SRK, but was disappointed to find them spammed with Aamir Khan’s supporters. Rahul finally discovered JHA and applied for its membership.

“I came to know that I was not alone. There were thousands of men, married and unmarried, who were simply pissed off with this guy’s ways. Our girlfriends and wives swooned on the antics that irritated us to the core.” said Rahul, who still can’t understand why his wife Anushka smiles even today while watching Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai.

While JHA is appealing on emotional grounds, Aamir Khan fans have pointed out that the naming of an astronomical body after a human being was not a great deal, and media was reporting the development without checking the facts.

“I checked the website of International Astronomical Union. They clearly mention that people can buy names of stars and other bodies in the solar system. Clearly some SRK fan spent some money and bought the name, and now it’s being made as if it was a matter of pride and recognition for India. Bullshit! This has made us look like a nation of idiots instead.” Roshan, a die-hard Aamir Khan fan, revealed.

Roshan has appealed to the crazy wealthy fans of Aamir Khan to buy a star in his name and get even with SRK.