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Jon Snow will return but Sir Jorah will stay in Khaleesi’s friendzone for next 2 GoT seasons: RR Martin

02, Dec 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Westeros: Commenting on extreme erotic epic saga Game of Thrones (GoT)’s upcoming season the show’s creator George RR Martin has revealed several key plot designs to hardcore GoT fans.

Brace yourself for Jon Snows return
Brace yourself for Jon Snows return

He indicated with Jon Snow’s poster, that Jon may know nothing still but pretty soon he shall return to rule the 7 kingdoms. He also provided some bad news about Sir Jorah, and indicated that Sir Jorah is not coming out of Daenerys Targaryen’s friendzone any time soon.

“Iron throne belongs to the one who deserves it the most. And we all know it was not Joffery Baratheon, or Theon Greyjoy. I have already killed Robb Stark earlier. So not many contenders around now. Jon Snow shall return and he shall return in style,” RR Martin said in a GoT themed, dinner and drinks party.

After sipping a few sips of vodka based cocktail he laughed loudly and explained further, “I have some bad news for Sir Jorah however. How much ever he dreams to get laid with Khaleesi, he shall remain in friendzone forever!! .. atleast until the next 2 seasons.”

Hollywood actor Iain Glen who plays Jorah Mormont’s character in GoT was also present in the party and was visibly upset by George RR Martin’s announcement.

He said, “My character loves Daenerys, he worships her as goddess. It’s a bond of truth, honor and passion, perhaps a bit of sexual fantasy is involved too. But then keeping him in friendzone like this? This is just not done. Maybe they can have one fantasy sexual scene in next season. Just one scene? Is that too much to ask?”

Jorah (Glen) then gulped down a 60 ml of neat scotch in one go and led out a war cry, which was appreciated by those around him.

George RR Martin however rubbishes what Sir Jorah thinks. He said, “I never cared who thinks what, be it fans or Obama or even world-ruling Rocker-feller. I do what I think needs to be done to keep population under control in Westeros. Now look at Samwell Tarly there in the corner sipping cranberry juice. He is laughing and joking and flirting with realy hot chics way above his league. He is perhaps thinking that he is gonna be on the show forever. But poor fella does not know, that Uncle Martin’s pen demands blood … rather I should say his MacBook Air keyboard demands blood, that’s what I use to create and kill-off characters.”