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Justin Bieber sues Mark Zuckerberg claiming “Time Person of the Year” title

16, Dec 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

California, USA. Lawsuits have not stopped following Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg as he is slapped with one every time something significant happens in his life. Right from being sued for copying the very idea of Facebook six months after he founded the website to facing blasphemy charges in Pakistan, Zuckerberg is now facing a lawsuit from the teen singing sensation Justin Bieber for robbing him off of a well-deserved award – Time Person of the Year 2010.

The 16-year-old Canadian pop singer has accused Zuckerberg of pressurizing Time magazine’s editors to remove Bieber’s candidature and replace it with his own in the original shortlist of the 25 persons, which was later put to public poll and where Julian Assange got the maximum rating and votes.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber showing victory sign even before the lawsuit has been settled

“What explains my name missing in a list that has Sarah Palin, Lady Gaga and Glenn Beck as candidates?” Justin Bieber posed the question to a crowd of journalists and swooning fans in a hurriedly called press conference.

The pop singer wondered how he could be not considered for the title when his song “Baby” featured in worldwide top ten singles in the year 2010.

“Twitter had to block my name from trending globally because I was talked about so widely this year,” Bieber argued why he deserved to be on the Time shortlist, “Forget Twitter, where Mark (Zuckerberg) is no match to me, even on Facebook, I have eight times more fans than him!” Bieber informed as the crowd shouted “like, like.”

Bieber further claimed that since Time couldn’t have chosen Assange for their “Person of the Year” edition for “obvious” reasons, he was destined to be the next best choice for the title, but the Facebook founder played “dirty games” and killed his chances.

Although he didn’t provide any details or furnish any proof to back his claims of Zuckerberg playing dirty games, Justin Bieber was hopeful of an out of court settlement with a few million dollars in cash, as virtually everyone who has sued the Facebook founder has ended up with some cash.

Meanwhile editors of Time magazine have refused to comment over the development, though some of them privately conceded that perhaps it would have been better to make Justin Bieber the Person of the Year 2010.

“For those who are currently feeling outraged for Assange being ignored for the title, the farce would have been complete. There wouldn’t have been any discordant voices,” an editor said on conditions of anonymity.