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Kangana Ranaut's next movie will show her abusing Bollywood stars non stop for 3 hours

19, Apr 2019 By @jurnoleast

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, who has been in the news lately for taking potshots at her contemporaries, is now planning to convert her diatribe into a 3 hour movie. The announcement was made by the actress while she was responding to questions while part of a popular talk show.

Kangana Ranaut surprised with the news

When the host prodded the actress to reveal more about her movie plans she said, “I mean I have so much material on these bollywood types. You know these so called star kids who have no talent but easily get a break because of Karan Nepotism Johar. I could go on for hours exposing these pretentious bollywoodiyas.”

Apparently, Kangana intends to take on the new entrants in the industry as well as established actors like the Khans who have refrained from taking stand on any social issue and prefer to be politically correct while expressing themselves.

“They may be A-list stars for the general public but for me they are spineless. When was the last time they collectively supported any social cause,” she added.

Sources say the movie will basically be a three hour monologue where Kangana will use the choicest of abuses and expose the real face of bollywood celebs. The movie is tentatively titled ‘Keh ke Loongi’ and will be scripted, directed, and produced by Kangana herself.

Bollywood reacted with trepidation at Kangana’s latest announcement. Flagbearer of nepotism and host of popular talk show Karan Johar responded with ‘Oh My God’ when our reporter asked for his first reaction.

Some celebs are already in talks with their lawyers if the content of Kangana’s movie tries to defame them in any way. Others nonchalantly said they would treat the movie like a stand up comedy.

There were also reports that Netflix is in talks with Kangana to have her movie made into a web series for the streaming platform. A spokesperson for Netflix however refused to comment.