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With Kapil Sharma show not available for promotion, Filmmaker wondering whether to release the film or not

14, Sep 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

A show that changed the scenario of reality comic shows on Indian television, The Kapil Sharma Show, is off air for some time now. Though the viewers are crazy as for them it was their daily dose of comedy, the more concerned people are the filmmakers who used the platform wisely to promote their upcoming movies. In fact an upcoming filmmaker is in a spot of doubt whether to release his film or not.


We are talking about filmmaker Jagdish Omprakash Kesari also known as JOKE in his close circles. Jagdish has been part of some extremely talked about projects with some good actors. He had been using good promotional strategies to make people aware of any new offerings from his team. Kapil Sharma show was his favorite. In fact he gave as much money as he gave to the writer of his movie to the person who worte the script of the Kapil Sharma Show to make the episode where his team promoted his movies more interesting and engaging.

Since last 2 years Jagdish has been shooting his new movie with the hope of promoting it one day on the Kapil Sharma show, but his dreams were shattered when the TV channel telecasting the hugely popular comedy show taking it off air for an unmentioned amount of time. JOKE is planning to sue the channel for closing down the show without prior notice, with the though of postponing the release or cancelling the release also coming into his mind. Hi steam is shattered as they had prepared some good jokes to share on the show and hard work of two years is wasted.

Lata Mangeshkar is the latest entry into the list of people wanting the show back. We will have to wait and watch if the popular demand is answered by the TV channel.

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