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Karan Johar accidentally watches the trailer of a movie released 10 years ago, calls it the most awaited movie of this decade

31, May 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

karan Johar is a big name in the Hindi film industry. Coming from a Bollywood family background helped him build his career, starting from being an assistant director to Aditya Chopra in the landmark movie Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, but Karan Johar carved a niche for himself, establishing himself as one of the topmost directors in the country. But he also is the epitome of nepotism, diplomacy, and fakeness.  Karan’s PR skills are second to none and he never forgets to praise a trailer or a movie when it is released. He suffered yesterday due to this bad habit. He accidentally watched the trailer of Rock On which was released in 2008. He was so emotional that he tweeted ” Rock-On…OMGGGGGGG …the most awaited movie of the decade… Can’t wait for it to get released!!!”


Though Karan’s team later informed him that the movie was in theatres in 2008 and it was surely a major hit. Soon Karan deleted his tweet and acted if nothing has happened. Karan has been a staunch proponent of the ‘I scratch your back, you scratch mine’ theory and the same is seen in his movies. Karan Johar has also taught the same thing to all his directors and he believes that when one helps a fellow artist in the industry the brotherhood in the industry increases and it helps the industry grow.

We too believe that scratching of back happens in all the industries, but when one praises people like Bobby Deol and Tusshar Kapoor for their movies then you have taken the game too far which Karan has in real life. We can only hope that Karan learns from the current mistake and then implements the learnings in his future tweets.