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Karan Johar to reshoot Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, offers Fawad’s role to Raj Thackeray

19, Oct 2016 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: After all the controversy and the outrage surrounding Karan Johar’s movie Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, the Bollywood director has decided to reshoot the movie without Fawad Khan. Apparently, the role has now been offered to Raj Thackeray.


Speaking to Faking News, a source close the development said, “Karan was really spooked by the threats and the uncertainty surrounding the release of ADHM. So he has decided to reshoot ADHM with Raj Thackeray instead of Fawad Khan. The rest of the movie will remain the same and the release date has been pushed to 25th December 2016.”

Bollywood personalities welcomed the news and said it was the best way to move forward. “We cannot just stall movie likes this. If they don’t want Pak artistes, so be it. If Raj Thackeray accepts the role, we will be more than happy,” said a bollywood actor who supported Pak artistes.

Karan Johar’s latest announcement has put the MNS in a fix. Though the party speaker declined to comment but sources say that the party was divided with some saying that the party chief should accept the offer.

“We had hired ‘extra manpower’ to stall release of the film. But now it seems we’ll have to send them back,” said a party insider.

Meanwhile, our efforts to contact Mr. Raj Thackeray for his comments on the latest development failed to elicit a response.