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Karan Johar sends empty packets of Haldirams to Manjinder Sirsa to show they were having snacks and not drugs

06, Aug 2019 By @jurnoleast

Movie Director Karan Johar has finally broken his silence on the accusations that drugs were freely flowing at a party held at his house last week. Sources say that a livid Karan sent empty snack packets of Haldirams to Manjinder Sirsa to prove that his guests were not doped.


Sirsa had earlier labelled accusations that guest at Karan Johar’s house were in a drug induced stupor as seen in the video. Karan, who maintained a stoic silence, has finally responded.

Speaking to Faking News, he said, “How does this MLA know that we were having drugs. Can he see things without being physically present? I think he must be the one high on drugs to have been imagining such things. And please tell me, why would I shoot a video of my friends having drugs and do something which can hurt their career. If I really wanted to ruin their careers, I would have called them all on Koffee with Karan.”

Though the packets were already disposed off in the dust-bin, the Johar housekeepers say that Karan went all the way to the local dustbin to scavenge for the packets. Apparently, the packets had already left for the main garbage dump at Tardeo.

That however did not deter Karan who sought help from Aditya Thackeray to retrieve the packs with the help of BMC workers. His efforts did pay off eventually after all the packets used at the party were found.

Saab ek poora din Tardeo me tha. Mereko ghar pe aake bola ki jitna kachra Student of the Year 2 me tha usse jyada kachra me se woh packet dhoondh ke nikala,” revealed Malathi Priya who works as a maid at the Johar house.

Manjinder Sirsa however is not ready to exculpate the bollywood director so soon. A source close to the MLA said that the packets will be sent to forensic lab to check for fingerprints of actors to verify if snacks were indeed consumed at the party.