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At Karan Johar's party for Katy Perry, conman gets past security by impersonating as a 'Kapoor family member'

15, Nov 2019 By @jurnoleast

In a daring attempt, a conman managed to get past security cover at Karan Johar’s party after he identified himself as ‘related to Kapoor family’.

katy perry

The party was hosted by Karan in honor of American singer Katy Perry, which saw attendance from the usual b-town suspects.

The conman, found to be a struggling actor from UP had left is hometown to try his luck in bollywood. “He probably has a good understanding of how bollywood works. Just changed his name to Kapoor and got an opportunity to brush shoulders with the stars. He even manged to get a selfie with Katy Perry. And no one even raised an eyebrow,” revealed an insider.

Actor Arjun Kapoor however said that he knew all along that the aforementioned impersonator was a conman. He even tried alerting the other guests about him.

The actors statement were later found to be true. One of the guest that Arjun tried speaking to had this to say, “Arjun did come to me and raise suspicion over the unidentified man. But Arjun’s face was devoid of any expressions of concern, so I thought it might not be such a major security breach. I mean how ca you take someone seriously if there is no facial clue at all.”

Other guests had similar stories to tell which is why they did not raise a red flag.

Although the Kapoor impersonator was let off with a warning, Karan is not taking things lightly and may initiate legal proceedings against the security agency.

The security agency however washed its hands off the incident and said that the issue was entirely an outcome of Karan’s obsession with Kapoors and Khans.

“Having a Kapoor or Khan as your last name is like a Schengen visa. You automatically have access to ever party thrown by Karan Johar