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Kareena Kapoor postpones Taimur's haircut as no news reporter was present to cover the event

18, Sep 2018 By @jurnoleast

A haircut at a local saloon for son Taimur was postponed by Kareena Kapoor after no news reporter was found present at the saloon to cover the event.

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Eyewtiness say that Kareena stepped out with Taimur and was shocked to see no news reporter outside her house. “She made a few phone calls and was frantically waving her hands. She looked mildly shocked and angry about something,” said a security guard posted outside her house.

Apparently, the actress later announced that the haircut was postponed as Taimur wasn’t feeling well. But husband Saif had something different to say. While speaking to Faking News reporter he admitted that it was the absence of news reporters that prompted the cancellation. The actor himself was at loss of words to explain the anomaly.

“Usually we dont have to hunt for news reporters. Ek do toh mil hi jaate hain humare ghar ke bahar footpath pe. Some of these reporters have almost become family,” he said.

Though Saif wasn’t too concerned about the absence, sources say that Kareena was livid and even wrote a strongly worded mail to the Senior Editors at Zoom TV. Taking moral responsibility of the lapse in reporting, some editors and reporters of the channel even offered to resign.

“A written apology wont suffice. Some heads will have to roll. This could just have been the event of the year. This is sacrilege,” said the Kapoor family spokesperson.

The spokesperson also revealed that Kareena is now in talks with Time magazine to cover future events of Taimur.