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Karni Sena replaces Kapil Sharma as Bollywood's preferred publicity partner

16, Nov 2017 By Kunal Kalkundri

Riding high on the resounding success of their latest project – Publicity of the film Padmavati, the Karni Sena has hiked their rates up to three folds for closing the deal with a leading production house for their next movie.


FakingNews accessed shocking details of the deal which revealed exclusivity for protests, inclusion of 2 controversial scenes in the trailer and loose comments from the director 3 months before the release date. When contacted with these details, the spokesperson of the production house confirmed to FakingNews that they were left with no option but to give-in to ensure the success of the movie.

A leading movie critic business analyst shed some light on these developments with a logic enough to make 3 abbas-mastan movies, that production houses are out of options for their publicity. The safest option, The Kapil Sharma Show is off air as they messed up when they literally were ‘on-air’. Instagram challenges to make people shake their booty are passé. The MNS is too busy saving their own ship and Tanmay Bhat refuses to create controversies any more.

Hence, the Karni Sena who has exclusive tie-ups with most English and All Hindi News Channels to live-stream protests, shoot multiple sting operations and cook up 9-pm debates shouting competitions presents itself as the most promising option available.

While some directors like Ram Gopal Verma who still believe they can rake up better controversies have denied the supremacy of the Karni Sena, Kapil Sharma has himself approached the sena for his upcoming movie which settles the debate.