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Karni Sena runs out of cash, looks for series B funding to continue further protests

22, Jan 2018 By dasu

Jaipur: Shri Rajput Karni Sena is feeling the heat with their protest running for more than a year now on Padmaavat movie. They have completely run out of cash and considering this is a vital week in which Padmaavat movie will release, they are seriously looking for angel investors who will help them with series B funding.


According to our highly placed sources Karni Sena has spent more than four times of the total money producers of Padmaavat have spent till now. One of the major reason behind this, producers have not spent a single penny in movie promotion, all the publicity load Karni Sena is taking care of.

“Earlier we had a cash burn rate of 100 million Indian rupees per week. After Supreme Court overturned the ban imposed by some of the states, we need more people for our protests. We have to vandalize many more theatres, have to threaten lawyers who were instrumental in SC overturning the ban, slap those movie critics who will recommend this movie, slap those who will sell ticket”, said Ajay, a close confidant of Karni Sena chief Lokendra Singh Kalvi busy in preparing slides to present before the potential investors.

Mr. Ajay said, “Till now our funding has been mostly crowd funding with few politicians pitching in as angel investors. Now whole of India has seen our ‘capability’, I am sure we will get large sum of money in our next round of funding”.

“We are not losing hope on crowd funding model either. Every place we vandalize, we leave a message there. ‘We are non-profit organization, if you like what we are doing and want us to continue like this for ever, please donate to this account’, said Mr. Ajay.

Mr. Ajay told us, to make investment in KSVPL (Karni Sena Vandalize Pvt Ltd) attractive he has asked the Chief ministers of the states who supported with the movie ban to give contributions hundred percent tax relief under section 80G.