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Kid taken to Pakistan by Bajrangi Bhaijaan returns to India, says she likes it better here

24, Jul 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

New Delhi: Munni who was taken to Pakistan by Bajrangi Bhaijaan with much difficulty and amidst huge fighting has returned to India by the very next Air India flight and is searching for Bhaijaan.

More happy in India than Pakistan.
More happy in India than Pakistan.

While it is not yet clear on how she purchased the ticket and who helped her travel, she is very much back in India. She also indicated through sign language to airport officials that she liked India more than Pakistan, especially the taste of chocolate ice-creams here.

While her female guardian angel Rasika is very happy on her return Bhaijaan himself was livid when he heard of her return.

Bhaijaan who was driving on the road at a fast speed and was about to enter a nearby forest in search of wildlife was quite angry when he heard that Munni was back in India.

Later that night he tweeted around 50 back to back tweets to express his anger and disappointment. A couple of tweets which got more than 2000 RTs:

“I tell people not to do what I don’t like them to do, still they do it. Itta time kaise hai tum logo ke paas, aur kyun hai?

“I don’t like it when I do something for people and they do the opposite of it. Ask SRK, ask Amir, wo bhi yahi kahenge.”

Even Pak authorities have cautioned India against secretly abducting their younger generation. Pak foreign ministry issued a statement and said, “Already a lot of our kids are being sent to terror training camps. Lot of others are being killed in suicide-bomb attacks on school buses or gunfires in schools. Lot of them are illegally forced to marry and sold in gulf. And whatever 1% remains is now running away to India? We strongly condemn this. We will be registering a formal complaint with Chinese Premier the next time he visits us.”