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‘Kochadaiiyaan’ smashes all records for a video game at the box-office

27, May 2014 By vettiguy

Mumbai. Superstar Rajinikanth made history yet again after his video game ‘Kochadaiiyaan’, touted as the most expensive one ever made at $20 million, broke all box-office records in its opening weekend.

Well, technically it is supposed to be “India’s first performance-capture photo-realistic animation 3D movie”, but the trouble is only about 30% of the claims made in that sentence can pass a standard lie detector test. When the DVD comes out, it must shelved next to Call of Duty.

Another benefit of animation, it helps you hide your age.

The plot revolves around the grand battles between two medieval kingdoms over jealousy and revenge. Yawn. Can we all agree that the stunning TMZ clip of Solange going all apeshit on JayZ in the elevator delivers the same effect in less than 45 seconds?

It’s not all bad though. Virtually all reviewers agree that Rajini’s movements in each scene were stiff, disjointed and his face displays no discernible emotion or expression. So the “performance capture” technology actually worked like it was supposed to. Kudos to the animation team.

In any case, people have to stop the silly comparisons with Spielberg or ‘Avatar’ whenever there is any CGI involved in Indian movies. Because every time someone yells ‘Hollywood standards’ when it doesn’t apply, one of the cute baby dinosaurs from ‘Jurassic Park’ is given a lethal injection.

The love interest for the 63-year old actor in Kochadaiiyaan is Deepika Padukone, 35 years his junior. Other recent actresses in his films are the even younger Shreya Saran and Sonakshi Sinha. Sometimes it feels like the heroines for Rajinikanth movies are carefully chosen just to make Woody Allen’s life seem normal in comparison.

Despite having veteran comedian Nagesh in a cameo, he doesn’t get any of the funny lines. Nope. The biggest LOL moment instead goes to Amitabh Bachchan who comes on screen at the start and declares that when the history of Indian cinema is written, it will be “before” and “after” Kochadaiiyaan.

By making it a period drama, the movie unfortunately couldn’t have Rajinikanth doing the one thing he is really good at – twirl a cigarette with style.