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Kolaveri Dhokla launched in Gujarat as UN announces World Kolaveri Day

24, Nov 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Ahmedabad. Why this Kolaveri di, the soup song, is now making its presence felt across domains. Businesses and institutions are trying to ride the wave of popularity it has generated by coming up with related products and ideas that they believe will appeal to the masses.

While a vendor in Gujarat has started selling “Kolaveri Dhokla”, the United Nations has announced that next Friday will be celebrated as “World Kolaveri Day”.

“The song has a global appeal and can bring together people from different faiths and backgrounds,” UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon showered praises, “Imagine if Occupy Wall Street protestors sing this song in unison and pose this question (why this kolaveri di?) to the investment bankers? I believe the bankers and the government will have no choice but to lend an ear. We invite people to undertake similar exercises on 2nd December, the inaugural World Kolaveri Day.”

Dhanush, singing the Kolaveri song
Dhanush is seen here asking the million dollar question

UN is planning to come up with a special edition of the Kolaveri song for this occasion. Tamil actor Dhanush, who has originally sung the song, has been invited to lead a troupe of international singers from different countries. The troupe will, however, leave out Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, so that the song retains its original message – world peace through anger management.

“Instead of getting into a heated debate, one can just say ‘why this kolaveri di’ and the world would be a better place to live in,” Ban Ki-moon explained the benefits of the song. He further declared that he will call himself Ban Ki-moon-u on the World Kolaveri Day.

UN was pushed to take this step after the Kolaveri song broke all barriers of language and region in India and became a rage nationwide. Even people in Delhi, who didn’t know anything about Tamil Nadu except for Rajinikanth, Dosa, and DMK, were heard crooning this song.

While many experts have been busy analyzing why the song went viral, a shopkeeper in Ahmedabad has launched “Kolaveri Dhokla”. Jignesh Bhai, the shopkeeper, claims that his dhokla has a soothing effect on consumers.

“Even Narendra Modi and Teesta Setalvad can sit together and enjoy Kolaveri Dhokla,” he claimed.

Jignesh Bhai, who has been doing brisk business since the launch of the special dhokla, further informed that earlier he had thought of offering “Kolaveri Dosa” but decided against it as it would not have done justice to the message of national integration ingrained in the song due to its pan-India appeal.

Due to his novel innovation and noble thinking, IIM Ahmedabad has invited Jignesh Bhai to take part in a special lecture that discusses the marketing aspects of the Kolaveri song.