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KRK advises VK Singh to be careful with people’s feelings and to think twice before speaking

26, Oct 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: Bollywood actor and India’s favorite Deshdrohi character, Kamaal R Khan has advised BJP minister and ex-armyman Mr. VK Singh to be careful with people’s feelings and to think twice before speaking.

KRK has some advice for VK Singh
KRK has some advice for VK Singh

“General sahib should be careful before speaking. Think twice before saying anything, like I do. Take care of other people’s feelings like I do,” Kamaal Khan told reporters at a press conference here in Mumbai.

When KRK was asked that he himself has been accused of abusing others via his statements and tweets, KRK laughed loudly and said, “My tweets are intentional abuses. They are carefully designed to hurt specific people and ideas. I do think twice before I write them. But I think General Sahib said something unintentionally. Which is why I am advising him to not do it. If someone is abusing someone else after a careful thought, I am okay with that,” KRK said while giving a broad grin for cameras.

When asked about which films will do well in coming weeks, KRK refused to comment. But then he suddenly said, “My predictions around film revenues and box office collections are awesome because they are almost always right, so please read them for more details. Although if your number of followers on twitter is below 10 thousand please don’t bother to tweet to me because I will ignore it. To answer your specific question, I am a successful reviewer because I am the gutsy one who has the guts to call a flop a flop and a hot-babe a hot-babe. Although, if it’s a SRK bhai or Sallu bhai film I am a bit cautious before making any comments. Because they are such big superstars like I am.”

Towards the end of the press conference KRK wore his big-black glasses and suddenly stood up. He said, “Kicks to all male reporters and to all ugly females and kisses to all lovely female reporters. Goodnight,”  he said and then left the venue in utmost style.